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From Dream to Reality through Nature Positive Training

'The first time I stumbled across the word 'Rewilding' on a TV programme I was defiantly hooked. As I don't have a scientific background, I never thought that there would be a space for me within the rewilding & nature positive movement: until I learned about this training programme through some laid back online surfing and didn't hesitate to sign up immediately!


The training offered me a chance to use my education and experiences in the arts and culture sector and put them at the service of the nature positive movement. The connection to tourism seemed very promising to me, as it manifests the opportunities but also the risks of a new wilderness in Europe perfectly – despite the fact that you get to travel to wonderful places and taste delis.

Our time on the ground in the stunning scenery of the apennines in Italy was so rich of new learnings, good talks, deep nature experiences and inspiring encounters for participants and the local community. These were 5 intense days filled with lessons, practices on hospitality and entrepreneurship, long hikes, good wine, wildlife encounter, debates by the fireplace and also a little Karaoke. 


The most valuable lesson I've learned in the training – next to loads of hard skills, new information, and strategies – is the one that everyone has a role to play in the nature positive movement and all contributions are welcome and needed. It showed me first hand that working in conservation is not only a huge invitation but that we as human species can once again take our role as stewards and custodians and can emancipate to step out of our role as destructive force striving for zero impact at best. 


The biggest outcome of the training for sure are the new connections I made with wonderful people from different places in Europe. These connections have enriched my professional and personal life. Some have become project partners and new friends :)


My biggest achievement is that we have founded our own local association dedicated to Rewilding: Collettivo Rewild Sicily.

The training with Aukje and Simon for sure has provided the necessary skills and confidence to make this dream a reality.'

This is a blog that Hanna Rasper of Collettivo Rewild Sicily has written for MOYO Training Foundation.

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