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MOYO delivers a successful training on Nature Positive Tourism

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

In September this year, MOYO Training Foundation hosted seven participants from six different countries in Abruzzo, Italy.

The field training on Nature Positive Tourism which was preceded by a three part webinar series covered learnings in community engagement, hospitality, rewidling, and enterprise. Nature plays the pivotal role in the training focus as the name suggests, and the object through the five day training aims to tie a positive impact and relationship with nature to other core focus areas of the tourism industry.

"Nature positive is a mindset shift, and we hope that these participants are now better equipped to change the nature engagement they have." Simon Collier

The training week included some immersive time in the mountains, learning exercises and conversations with local partners and organisations. The tourism offering in many areas in Europe is still developing, but this region has a strong

network of great organisations including Wildlife Adventures, local rewilding partner Rewilding Apennines and Salviamo l'orso.

The location for training is really important as a core learning component covers partnerships and creating local networks for long term sustainability and a positive ongoing impact.

Participant Elliott Gansner says: 'A wonderful course for anyone interested in nature oriented tourism, community and economic development around natural areas and rewilding projects. Aukje and Simon have a huge depth of knowledge in how to do nature based tourism in a constructive way for both the natural world and the communities around it. Moreover, they are both wonderful people who clearly care deeply about helping to heal the natural environment while providing meaningful careers to those in the sector. I strongly recommend it for anyone involved in tourism that relies on a natural setting. I left with clear ideas on how to progress on my own career and on how to help communities see the win-win from conserving nature and building their own economies'.

New training dates for Nature Positive Tourism 2024 are available now.

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