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MOYO Training Foundation welcomes new volunteer, Alice Giancaterino.

Alice is joining the MOYO team as a volunteer to research the topic of Nature Positive Tourism and communicate this through our channels. She brings genuine commitment, good business ethics and open curiosity with her, and we are very happy to learn with and from her.

Alice will help our team with content creation for our website and social media, and dive deeper into the subject of Nature Positive Tourism.

Surrounded by the wild and unspoilt nature of Abruzzo (Italy), Alice has cultivated a sincere interest in everything related to nature and the outdoors as a child. Her studies in tourism began with a diploma in a technical school, which allowed her to gain some professional experience and build up a theoretical background. During those years, she worked in the hospitality industry, in a tour operator, and in a museum with some first-hand activities thanks to 300 hours of internship.

Growing up, her interest in tourism, travel and discovery led her to study foreign languages in a three-year degree and specialise with a master's degree in Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems. Over the last years, she explored the concept of 'sustainability' from an environmental, social and economic point of view. Her two interests merge into one: nature meets tourism as she approaches Nature Positive Tourism.

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