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Package price of  € 1690 ex VAT


Field Training:

9 till 15

September 2024

Online Training: 2, 9 and 16 Oct 2024


'Wilder Nature' 

Tarcu Mountains, Romania

The WILDER NATURE training course is our new collaborative training specifically designed together with our strategical partner EWES (European Wilderness Education School) and with local support of WeWilder in the Țarcu Mountains, the second bison rewilding site in Romania. Over the past decade, WWF Romania and the local community of Armenis, have been working together to create a stable free-roaming population of European bison in this area which forms one of the last remaining wilderness strongholds in Europe.

You will be hosted in an exceptional example of sustainable community development and introduce in the concepts of Nature Positive Tourism and Rewilding practices. It is also a unique chance to gain first-hand experience in community engagement and ethical wilderness guiding in an iconic rewilding area in Europe from the hands of Europe’s top Wilderness Instructors of EWES and MOYO Training Foundation.

The course consists of an Online and a Field component. In the online webinars you will be given a broad introduction into nature positive tourism with explanation of the tourism industry, conservation trends including rewilding, community engagement, the role and opportunity of enterprise impact, and more.


During the field visit you will sleep in self-made shelters, learn how to make fire, observe bison and track animals. By combining the necessary technical skills in the wilderness with the soft skills, you will be able to create memorable experiences.

Wilderness guiding, Nature Positive tourism and Sustainable Community Development 



3 x 2 hours online sessions by MOYO Training Foundation

Webinars on 2, 9 and 16

October 2024 from

09.30 till 11.30 CET

Normal price €185 ex VAT, but included in Field Training


6 days In-Field by EWES, MOYO and WeWilder


Includes EWES online prep course and 6 days practical training in Romania.

Course 9 till 15 September 2024: €1690

Dates 2024 :


2, 9 and 16 Oct 2024 


9 till 15 September


  • Awareness and consciousness on personal growth

  • Natural leadership and self-care Transmission of sustainable practices to minimise environmental impacts

  • Being a key figure and communicator in social/culturally sensitive situations

  • Plan, evaluate risks and execute multi day activities in wilderness areas

  • Survival and other outdoor skills relevant to specific environments

  • Full immersion in interpretive guiding, hospitality, wilderness experience and rewilding


Day 1

ARRIVAL AT TARCU MOUNTAINS Arrive at Campus (12:00) and lunch - Nature Positive Tourism - Welcome Dinner - Revision of assigments / Go Prepared - Overnight at campus

Day 2

COMMUNITY DAY Community Learning programme  -Embedding local realities in nature positive - Overnight at campus

Day 3

WILDERNESS GUIDING Ethics & Hospitality - Start of expedition - Group management and nature experience - design - Wilderness camp management, leadership, group dialogue, decision making, nature landing and connection - Sleep out (bivy+tarp)

Day 4

NATURALIST SKILLS & GUIDE DEVELOPMENT Morning sit-spot - Group management, leadership, group dialogue, decision making - Night walk, field observations and guided nature experience - Sleep out (bivy+tarp)


Day 5

WILDLIFE TRACKING & OBSERVATION Morning sit-spot - Tracking, Wildlife observation, - Nightwalk - Campfire debrief - Sleep out (bivy+tarp)


Day 6

GUIDING PRACTICE & EXPERIENCE DESIGN Time for debrief - Feedback and certificate ceremony - Sleep out (bivy+tarp)

Day 7

PROGRAM END Transfer back to Campuser Farewell breakfast and departures mid-morning



local accommodation, tented camp, bivouac


Includes local chef, and packed meals for the expedition days


Local transport (4x4), Airport transfers from Timisoara


Includes Materials and instructors from EWES, MOYO & WeWilder



Accident insurance

Meet the Team

This course offers you insights and training in wilderness expedition, wildlife observation, interpretive guiding and hospitality, while also focusing on personal development and (re)connection with nature.

bram web.jpg

Bram von Blomberg


Bram is always looking for the balance and unity between humans and nature. His teachings lead to a more profounds understanding of oneself and creates awareness to look after one other and out planet. Bram has over 25 years of experience in Wilderness Guiding in over 50 countries and was involved in numerous start-up related to sustainable tourism in natural protected areas. He is a certified Mountain Leader, director of EWES (European Wilderness Educations school, founder of Become Wilder and guide for Trailhaven, Bram lives in the mountains of the Spanish inland near Madrid with his three lovely daughters and a huge vegetable garden.


Aukje van Gerven


Growing up, Aukje enjoyed nature mostly from horseback, which instilled a love for wandering in wild spaces. She holds degrees in Law and History, but when working in these fields ceased to inspire her, she discovered true adventure travel while cycling from Tanzania to the Netherlands. She has more than twenty years of experience in ecotourism, community engagement and hospitality.

She co-created the rewilding tourism training program in 2020, which trained over 200 participants & tourism professionals. Last year she co-founded MOYO Training Foundation, delivering nature positive training programs to support wildlife & biodiversity around the globe.

Scouting SC july 22, Alina Floroi 3_edited.png

Georg Messerer


As a qualified Wilderness Trails Guide with extensive guiding experience in Southern Africa and Romania, Georg brings an international flare and passion to the guiding world in Europe. Spending the last few years guiding and training in the Tarcu Mountains, he has been instrumental in developing nature based experiences in the Bison Hillock region. With a love for wilderness turning into a passion for the conservation work around it he has dedicated his time and energy to contributing his share to what he believes to be a global responsibility. With a special interest in tracking, birding, rewilding and wilderness ecology, the guiding and training experience is diverse and forward thinking.



European Wilderness Education School (EWES)

We are co-creating a world in which all beings are connected to everyone and everything. We do this by creating experiences of being and learning in nature and inspiring to lead and live from that wisdom. The experience of our guides and experts allow us to explore to the edge within a caring and empowering environment and the best safety standards framework. Association EWES is a training institute certified by the Wilderness Guides Association (WGA) and accredited by the Institute of Professional Education of La Pobla de Segur in Catalunya.


MOYO Training Foundation

MOYO Training Foundation is a newly founded non profit organisation that supports wildlife and biodiversity across the globe by delivering nature positive training programmes. We connect people & nature, so they can become nature positive. We believe in social responsibility, so want our training programmes to be available for everyone. We also want our training programs to have a direct impact on nature which is why 10% of your training fee goes towards supporting nature in the areas we operate in, and benefits new trainees through (partly) funded trainings. We offer high quality training programs in the world’s most beautiful and unique nature areas, and fundraise in order to keep our training fees affordable for everyone that wants to operate more nature positive.



Wewilder is a WWF panda labs prototype that evolved from the pioneering wilderness experiences developed by WWF Romania with the local bison hillock association, in cooperation with Rewilding Europe and the European Safari Company. Wewilder is operating as a social enterprise partnership between wwf romania and local community members.

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