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Beyond Sustainable Tourism: embracing Nature Positive

We're constantly on the lookout find interesting articles and information on Nature Positive Tourism for you, so that we can all learn together.

The below is an excerpt from a guest blog from Daniel Turner, Co-Founder & Director at ANIMONDIAL, as featured on on the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance website, and well worth the read:

'Nature conservation must be a priority for all businesses, no matter the sector. A Nature Positive approach ensures each business not only identifies and mitigates its specific negative impacts but seeks opportunities to restore and enhance biodiversity. While there will be common themes between businesses, such as reducing plastic use or avoiding deforestation, there will be differences in the range of identified impacts and their severity, and what “Regenerative” solutions are available.

We now understand that it is not enough just to consider how we use natural resources; all business efforts must ensure an overall Net Positive impact by conserving and regenerating nature. This can be effectively delivered by understanding the nature around you, investing in nature conservation in your destinations, and seeking opportunities to support and inspire governments, business, and society to help transform humanity’s relationship with the natural world, to become a “Guardian of Nature”.

1. Understand travel & tourism’s dependencies and impacts on nature

2. Assess your business dependencies & impacts on biodiversity and nature

3. Define your sustainability or Nature Positive plan

4. Collaborate through Nature Positive partnerships in your destinations

5. Reduce your negative impacts on nature and identify opportunities to restore biodiversity

6. Monitor and Report on the effectiveness of your Nature Positive approach

7. Communicate about the Nature Positive work you are doing'

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