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Environmental Sustainability: A Memory of Happiness

In an era where the impact of human activities on the environment calls for change, a new wave of conscientious travel is emerging. Nature Positive Tourism (NPT) is a transformative approach rooted in a commitment to environmental sustainability, reshaping the way we experience and appreciate the world around us.

One of the fundamental tenets of Nature Positive Tourism is the preservation of natural ecosystems. Unlike conventional tourism models that often adopt an invasive approach when traveling in pristine environments, NPT strives to minimise its ecological footprint. This involves embracing a series of eco-friendly measures, such as low-impact accommodations, waste reduction strategies, and the promotion of responsible wildlife viewing. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the beauty of nature remains unspoiled for future generations.

Recognising the intrinsic value of diverse ecosystems and our role as responsible travellers, NPT initiatives actively contribute to the protection of endangered species and their habitats. During MOYO’s field training, we have had a firsthand experience of contributing to wildlife conservation by volunteering with Rewilding Apennines.

Our task involved removing stretches of barbed wire from the mountains – a tool once used to restrict the movement of wild animals by farmers at high altitudes. Today, much of the central Apennines remains covered with abandoned barbed wire, and camera traps show how they’re a barrier limiting fawns, foxes, wolves, and wild boars crossing.

Equipped with gloves, pliers, hats, and sunscreen, we set out towards Ortona dei Marsi, where we removed some barbed wire under the guidance of the Rewilding Apennines team. As a tourist, I came back home with a smile and a sense of accomplishment. It has been challenging somehow standing on such a steep hill, but to know that I was there – in such a remote area of Abruzzo, far from everyone's eyes – made me connect with the destination on a deeper level.

The souvenir from this journey is a memory of happiness for being of some help to our planet, leaving a place regenerated and giving back to nature.

Finally, Nature Positive Tourism represents a paradigm shift in the way we engage with the natural world. By prioritising environmental sustainability, NPT offers a blueprint for responsible travel. It not only allows us to explore the wonders of our planet but also ensures that these wonders endure, creating a legacy for generations to come.

This is part 2 of Alice Giancaterino's blogs for MOYO on Nature Positive Tourism. Stay tuned for more!

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