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Being sustainable is not enough

Updated: Apr 12

Being sustainable is not enough. This is one of the principles of Cabiner, a Dutch organization that offers multi-day hiking experiences in Dutch nature. The company was only just founded, when I join as Impact Officer a few years ago. Cabiner's focus at that time is to not have a negative impact on nature. A lot of time, money and attention is spent on optimizing the self-sufficient cabin. The visitor is asked the same thing: not to make any negative impact. But is that sustainable enough?

A cabin in National Park Drentse Aa, the Netherlands

People and nature connected

During this phase, Aukje and Simon organize their first Nature Positive training. Most valuable for me was the field training in Abruzzo, Italy. Never before have I felt such a connection with an area after only a few days. Umberto and Valeria from local guide agency Wildlife Adventures let us experience the nature reserve with all its flora and fauna in an intense way. Not by showing us the wolves and bears of the area, but by making us realize how special it is to be part of the habitat of these wild animals.

For the first time in my life, I sense the unique energy and atmosphere of an ancient beech forest. MOYO and Wildlife Adventures also introduce us to the local community by organizing tastings with local products and having local entrepreneurs talk about their restaurant or vineyard and how they live together with the nature and wild animals. Inspiration and energy is also coming form the other participants, all very different but very like-minded and the training connects us very easily. 

Sharing unique moments with the other participants

The next level

I see how the collaboration between Wildlife Adventures, Rewilding Apennines and the local community takes the area to the next level, where people and nature strengthen each other and where they continually look at how to deal with challenges, with respect for the needs of the community ánd nature.

Back in the Netherlands I decide with the Cabiner team that this can also be applied to Cabiner; We will involve local entrepreneurs, organize volunteer days in the nature reserves where we are active, and contribute financially to nature projects. After the Nature Positive Tourism Training, we are now convinced that Cabiner is only truly sustainable if the entire system of people, nature, employees and community benefits from Cabiner's activities.

Cabiner Collective; Cabiner’s yearly volunteering event since the MOYO training in 2021.


As far as Cabiner is concerned, regenerative tourism is the new normal. Because being sustainable is not enough. Thank you MOYO for inspiring us!


Judith van Dorp

Connecting with people, companies and nature in a way we all benefit.

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