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Presenting our top three!

In the last two weeks, we received more than 25 nominations of people that would love to learn more about Nature Positive Tourism, and win a fully sponsored MOYO training.

It was very difficult to choose a top three as we read the heart warming applications of so many amazing nature & wildlife guides, tourism professionals and students, but we chose three passionate individuals that have the drive to create real impact with learnings from our training.

They will present themselves to you below, and you will be able to learn more about them through our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn channels in the coming week.

Please leave a comment with your feedback, and help us choose the lucky winner next week!


Sophia is a Sustainable Marketing Consultant & Storyteller who holds certification in sustainable tourism from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). With her creative expertise, she harnesses the power of storytelling to champion nature-positive tourism, advocate for sustainable travel, and propel environmental and conservation initiatives forward.  


Through her platform, she aims to raise awareness, educate travellers and businesses on sustainable practices, and foster a deeper appreciation and support for initiatives that positively impact our communities and environment.


Sophia's dedication extends to supporting wildlife conservation efforts, amplifying the importance of preserving biodiversity, and advocating for responsible tourism practices that safeguard our planet's natural wonders. Through her impactful storytelling, she strives to inspire others to join her in protecting our precious wildlife and natural world.


Giovanni, born in Caltanissetta, Sicily, in 1983, is a nature guide and a professional in the restaurant industry. At 41 years old, he dedicates his time to exploring and protecting the natural beauties of his beloved Sicily. From a young age, he cultivated a deep connection with nature and decided to share his knowledge with others.

His professional experience ranges from guiding school groups to teaching adults, offering an engaging and educational experience to anyone wishing to explore the natural richness of the island. His work as a nature guide is not just a job, but a passion that has led him to travel far and wide across Sicily, discovering hidden corners and natural treasures.


'I'm born and raised in Lisbon's surroundings and from an early age I've started exploring nature and showing people the places I enjoyed. Fate took me to a fitness graduation and 10 years of working in gyms, indoors.

However, Nature's call was strong and I moved with my wife to Portugal's countryside to start living and working with Nature and authentic people.

This is where I'm trying to progress nowadays!'

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23 comentários

03 de abr.

Voto no Samuel! Pela coragem de abraçar o que realmente faz sentido para ele e sua família.


02 de abr.

Todos os dias, testemunho a entrega do Samuel.

Curioso, apaixonado, dedicado, entregou ao território, que escolheu para viver, a vontade de o fazer crescer, de forma sustentável e positiva. Todos os dias ele procura conhecimento sobre o mundo natural que o rodeia, e por isso Voto no Samuel para aprender ainda mais convosco! Será um grande contributo para todos nós!


01 de abr.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sophia on a new documentary about sustainable living and travel. She is the real deal. She is collaborative, tenacious, caring, efficient with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Sophia is both diligent and imaginative. Her talent for writing about sustainability is grounded in a deep understanding and passion for the field.


Meet Samuel, a fearless explorer dedicated to uncovering the hidden gems of Portugal’s countryside. With a passion for nature tourism, he wanders through rural landscapes, unveiling secrets and marveling at the country’s natural beauty with each step.


31 de mar.

Voto no Samuel! Uma inspiração 🤍

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